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The Capture A Moment Easter Mini Experience

March 7, 2018

One of the reasons we started Capture A Moment is because we knew we could offer a better photography experience than what was out there.  Not only the big box studios but also the smaller experiences a la Santa and the Easter Bunny. From the time you book your appointment ONLINE, you realize that there is a difference.  We offer this service so that you can book your appointment at your convenience in the comfort of your own home.  

Why Easter with us?  A big reason is Apple.  Apple is our bunny who has been with us for years.  The children all know her and can't wait to come in and see Apple again each year.  She is incredibly gentle, tame and loves to be petted by the kids (and parents!!).  She hops around the set while we take the pictures and the kids love it. So, two options:  1) stand in line at the mall to see a man dressed in a bunny suit that's been in storage for a year OR 2)  see your child cuddle up with Apple and have a live experience with a sweet bunny that will create a memory that your child asks for next year (#true).        

Our Easter Mini experience is one with no rival.  We work hand-in-hand with a set designer who custom builds the Easter set.  This year the size is 140 sq. feet.  This mass scale allows us to house 3 sets in one which provides quite a variety of pictures to choose from when you receive your online picture gallery.  We love variety which is also a key differentiation between us and them!  This year's set has the big tee pee at the center but if we move to the left, there is the big pink Easter egg that Apple likes to sit in and to the right is the bunny family, bird cage and the Easter eggs that all the kids love.   We also have many other unique looks and backdrops that can be utilized if you prefer something else!  We are happy to accommodate.    

Want to know the best thing about our Capture A Moment Easter Mini experience?  Each session gives you 30 minutes of studio time ALL BY YOURSELF.  No waiting in line for an hour so that your children can sit on a fake rabbit's lap for 5 minutes for ONE picture.  At our studio, there is plenty of time to check your look in the dressing room,  play with Apple and relax while we handle creating memories for your family.  This 30 minutes of time is ideal because many kids have to warm up to taking pictures.  Sometimes it's hard for the little ones to show up and smile on demand.  With us, we have a ton of patience which helps put everyone at ease.  One other key differentiation is that after your appointment, we email you an online gallery of 30+ pictures to choose from in a variety of backgrounds and poses.  From there, you choose 5 (or more!) that we will fully edit and deliver to you.

We would love to welcome you to our studio for a different kind of Easter experience.  Come have a family-friendly moment at our New Baltimore studio (right off I-94). Click HERE to book a session at your convenience. We can't wait to see you!

Happy Easter ~ Jen & Ang    

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